Second Party Opinion

Second Party Opinion

Reveal the nuances in your sustainability strategy

Obtain a second perspective to reassure your investors of the credibility of your sustainability project.

Second Party Opinion

Shield your portfolio from greenwashing

Present your project with confidence during a time of transition by transparently demonstrating the efficiency of your sustainability strategy. Second Party Opinion acts as a first barrier against greenwashing by allowing you to differentiate the nuances in the sustainability of your projects. Through our expertise, we ensure your environmental, social & sustainability projects are aligned with international standards such as the ICMA principles and CBI scheme. In addition to alignment we also offer more evidences of the project`s sustainability by verifying EU taxonomy alignment, respect of the DNSH criteria and contribution to the United Nations SDG.

Shield your portfolio from greenwashing | Scope One

Get an expert opinion on your sustainability strategy

Gain investor trust by receiving an external verification of your framework by qualified ESG experts. We perform a quantitative evaluation of KPI efficiency and monetised impact reduction achieved through issuance per EUR of revenue.

The team has been trained in alignment with ISAE 3000.

We have a clear framework of analysis based on the alignment of the bond with ICMA principles.

Upon request we can also perform additional analysis in alignment with the EU taxonomy or SDGs.

Expert opinion on your sustainability strategy | Scope One

Our product lines

Four pillars of ICMA principles | Scope One

Four pillars
of ICMA principles

Use of proceeds: Share of financing vs refinancing

Project evaluation/selection

Management of proceeds


Assessment of issuance & issuer | Scope One

of issuance & issuer

Leaf scoring of impact

Issuer and track record evaluation

Sectoral impact of proceeds

Risk consideration

Optional add-ons | Scope One


EU taxonomy alignment

DNSH-criteria alignment

SDG aligment

Paris Agreement alignment

In alignment with

International Capital Market Association | Scope One
the green bond principles | Scope One

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